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The Hua Shan Hospital MurdersThe Hua Shan Hospital Murders

Detective Zhong Fong has regained his position as head of Special Investigations in the Shanghai district.  He is back in the city that he loves with his new wife and baby girl, Xiao Ming.

All seems under control until one of Shanghai's state run abortion clinics explodes in a ball of fire.  A note is left in English.  Then a second abortion clinic is attacked and a second note is left.  This one says: "This blasphemy will stop—the light will come."

Fong's investigation leads him deep into the evil caverns of the human heart—a place that Fong knows all too well.

Reviews & Press Clippings:
The Hua Shan Hospital Murders
was shortlisted for The Arthur Ellis Award:
Best Crime Novel of 2003.

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